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May 12, 2016
Book launch Turtle 1 - Building a car in Africa

18 June, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
May 3, 2016
App launch and programme White Spots

A Journey to The Edges of The Internet
May 1, 2016
New Publication: Picha 5 – UHURU minor accidents, Eng. M.W. Wambwa

The fifth book from the Ebifananyi series
Feb 3, 2016
Mediating the war

Debate about the social media war in Syria

Book launch Turtle 1 - Building a car in Africa
18 June, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
The majority of the world lives in a do-it-yourself environment. Intrigued by the functioning of these communal spaces, artist Melle Smets and sociologist Joost van Onna travelled to Suame Magazine (Ghana) where cars are disassembled and their parts traded. They collaborated with local artisans and organisations to create a truly African car in only 12 weeks. The results of this adventure are currently on show at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen as part of the group exhibition Project Rotterdam.

After a promotional tour through Europe, the vehicle returned to Suame Magazine where talks began regarding an assembly line for Turtle 2. What has happened since then? Is there going to be a Turtle 2? The exciting story of Turtle 1 is now available as a book, which will be launched in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen on 18 June.

Read more about Turtle 1 - Building a car in Africa.

Save €10! Pre-order the book before or at the launch and receive a signed copy at the standard price (€39.50). The book will be dispatched on 20 June; no shipping costs apply.

App launch and programme White Spots
A Journey to The Edges of The Internet

What separates the online and offline places on this planet? Are we growing towards being always and everywhere online or can we also specify where, when and why we sometimes want to be offline? White Spots is a cross-media project in which a number of parties explore the implications of being connected 24/7. Part of the project is the White Spots app, which launches on Tuesday May 3th during the Tegenlicht MeetUp at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam.

The White Spots app takes its users on a journey via the networks of which we are all a part to the so called ‘white spots’, places with no digital connection. Users can follow the route to these white spots and report from this non-digital world or discover living offline in 22 videos, 4 photo reports and 2 VR stories. You can download the White Spots app from May 4th in the Android and iTunes Store (Dutch only).


App launch White Spots – Tegenlicht Meetup
Tuesday May 3th, 8.00 PM, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

The White Spot app will be launched as part of the ‘Tegenlicht MeetUp: Slimme steden’. Technologists, strategists and designers discuss the phenomenon of the ‘smart city’ and the effects on efficiency, privacy and living conditions of its inhabitants. You can make reservations here (the MeetUp is in Dutch only).

TV broadcast - ‘VPRO Tegenlicht: Offline als luxe’
Sunday May 8th, 9.05 PM, NPO 2

Together with the app, filmmaker Bregtje van der Haak, made the VPRO TV broadcast ‘Tegenlicht: Offline als luxe (Being offline: a luxury)’. In her documentary, Van der Haak uses the White Spots app as a guide to meet a number of people who want to control and constrain being online all the time. Watch the broadcast (available from Monday May 9th).

Tegenlicht MeetUp ‘Offline als luxe’
Wednesday May 11th, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

On May 11th, Van der Haak, designer Richard Vijgen, photographer Jacqueline Hassink and researchers Pepita Hesselberth and Ruben Jacobs will discuss their White Spots project and the subject of being connected all the time. You can make reservations here (the MeetUp is in Dutch only).

Beside the app and Tegenlicht broadcast (VPRO), the White Spots project includes a publication from artist Jacqueline Hassink (publisher Hatje Cantz/ design Irma Boom), a documentary film (Conijn Film) and a travelling exhibition (Paradox).

White Spots - A Journey to the Edge of the Internet brings together the (analogue) prints of photographer Jacqueline Hassink, the film material of Bregtje van der Haak and the data visualisations of designer Richard Vijgen. The interaction between their contributions stimulates public debate on the importance and/or consequences of always being connected. White Spots is a collaboration between Paradox, VPRO and Conijn Film.

New Publication: Picha 5 – UHURU minor accidents, Eng. M.W. Wambwa
The fifth book from the Ebifananyi series
In the fifth volume from the Ebifananyi series, Andrea Stultiens delves into the archive of M.W. Wambwa, an engineer and amateur photographer from a small community in eastern Uganda. Just before Stultiens met him, Wambwa had decided to burn all his negatives. Luckily, the slides made in the early sixties survived. These slides form the basis of Picha 5, along with selected fragments from the manuscript of Wambwa’s memoirs. They show a colourful life and the world around the Ugandan cities Mbale and Kampala. A world where roads and buildings are constructed and independence is celebrated.

In addition to and inspired by Wambwa’s images, three contemporary photographers of different nationalities captured the same region. Rumazi Canon (UG) shot ‘holes in the world’. Elsadig Mohamed (SD) shifted his focus. Luuk van den Berg (NL) used expired black and white film to explore his new territory.

Picha is the Swahili word for pictures and the fifth publication in the Ebifananyi series. Ebifananyi is the overall book series title, which will eventually comprise eight books and is jointly published by History In Progress Uganda (HIPUganda) and Paradox. Each book starts from a photo collection in Uganda and explores the narrative possibilities in images, with supporting text. Ebifananyi attempts to provide a nuanced understanding of the history of Uganda. You can order the five existing publications on YdocStore.

In 2017, Paradox wil launch an installation of archival & contemporary printscombined with movie clips in FoMu Antwerp. Read more about Ebifananyi and Andrea Stultiens.

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Project Rotterdam
13/02 - 28/08/2016, Group show which includes Turtle 1 by Melle Smets & Joost van Onna. Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands,

Strange and Familiar
16/03 - 19/06/16, Group exhibition curated by Martin Parr, including European Fields by Hans van der Meer at Barbican, London, UK,

There is something about my family
03/04 - 15/06/16, Group show which includes a preview of Voyage à Dakar by Judith Quax. FOTODOK Space for Documentary Photography, Utrecht, The Netherlands,

12/05 - 12/06/2016, Part of Group Show 'A New Display: Visual Storytelling at a Crossroads', Krakow Photomonth Festival, Krakow, Poland,

Via PanAm
9/06 - 19/06/2016, Group show 'Roadtrip' which includes the exhibition Via PanAm by Kadir van Loohuizen. Fotofestiwal, Warsaw, Poland,

new publications
Picha 5: UHURU - minor accidents - ENG. M. W. Wambwa
Andrea Stultiens | Design Andrea Stultiens | Language: English | Pages: 264 | Publisher: Paradox & HIPUganda | Order at YdocStore

Turtle 1 - Building a Car in Africa
Melle Smets & Joost van Onna | Design Ko Sliggers | Language: English | Pages: 240 | Publisher: Paradox & Kettler Verlag | Available: June 2016 |Pre-order at Ydoc Store

Women We Have Not Lost Yet
Issa Touma | Design Kummer & Herrman | Language: English & Arabic | Pages: 42 | Publisher: Paradox & André Frère Éditions | Order at YdocStore

available at YdocStore

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