In the exhibition BITTER Chocolate Stories visitors can experience the power of being surrounded by monumental portraits of the fifteen children that harvest the cocoa for the chocolate you love so much. Photographed by Joana Choumali and interviewd by Marijn Heemskerk, they are telling their stories while looking the visitor in the eyes. Visitors will discover how we are seduced by advertising slogans to consume a product with a bitter truth: forced child labour in West Africa is still on the increase.

Bitter Chocolate Stories will allow you to experience different sensations. From the simple pleasure of flying over West African cocoa plantations to the touching of real cocoa beans. From the harsh reality of children working on plantations to their dreams expressed in drawings.

From 13 October – 22 November you can pay a visit to the exhibition at the Beurs van Berlage (Amsterdam). Open daily from 10 – 18.


13 Oct 2017 - 22 Nov 2017, 10 am - 6 pm

Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam (NL)

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