A festive gathering to launch the fourth book in the Ebifananyi series in Uganda, and celebrate the work of the students and artists who contributed to it.

The book is based on photographs and documents that are part of the collection of the Ham Mukasa Foundation and family. Among the documents was a list in which Ham Mukasa describes illustrations for his book Simuda Nyuma. The descriptions were used as an invitation for Ugandan artists and Dutch and Ugandan art students to engage with Uganda’s history. Thanks to their efforts it now gives an opportunity to all of us to think about how we relate to that same history and the images that come to mind in relation it.

Guests are also welcome to attent the public discussion between Margo Slomp and Eria Nsubuga that will start 2pm.

Both events take place in the Ham Mukasa Library on the UCU campus, Mukono, Uganda.

Book Launch

6 Jul 2016, 16.00

Ham Mukasa Library, Mukono, Uganda

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