We’re honored to tell you that a teaser of Greetings from Aleppo, film by Issa Touma, Thomas Vroege and Floor van der Meulen, will be shown at the exclusive official opening of the International Film Festival Rotterdam on Wednesday 25 February. The teaser, including new material shot by Issa in December 2016, will be presented as a homage to Issa Touma and his crew, and above all the Aleppian.

The opening film of the IFFR is Lemon. Janicza Bravo’s impressive debut is a witty, no-holds-barred portrait of a likeable failure, with a leading role for Michael Cera. Lemon will have its international première in attendance of cast and crew. The official opening is for invited guests only, but Greetings from Aleppo will be screened for the public four times during the festival:

  • 26 Jan 2017, 17:00 (Avant-premières)
  • 31 Jan 2017 12:00 (followed by the film Als Paul über das Meer kam)
  • 1 Feb 2017, 17:00 (followed by the film Als Paul über das Meer kam)
  • 4 Feb 2017, 11:45 (followed by the film Als Paul über das Meer kam)

Tickets can be purchased at the IFFR-website.


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