Paradox is excited to announce Houses of Darkness, an international multi-platform project dealing with the conflicted heritage of three former concentration camps across Europe. Together with three memorial sites: Falstad Centre (NO), Camp Westerbork Memorial Centre (NL), and Gedenkstätte Bergen-Belsen (DE) we will commission a team of young professionals including a photographer/filmmaker, journalist/writer and designer.

The team will focus on the role of the perpetrator, starting from the presence of (the remains of) the camp commander’s house on each site. The programme will lead to on-site outdoor exhibitions in combination with a web-based narrative for smartphones, a (travelling) exhibition, an app and workshops.

The main objective of this project, supported by the EU’s Creative Europe Programme, is to link troubled histories with these contemporary topics, and, most importantly, with younger audiences. Houses of Darkness aims to challenge young people to determine their positions with regard to the present by being confronted in a non-standard way with the past: determined by young artists in dialogue with historians, while departing from the perspective of the perpetrator, a position closer than we all would like to acknowledge. Houses of Darkness will be launched in the second half of 2021.

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