From June 30 until October 28, the exhibition De koe, het grazen voorbij by Hans van der Meer is on show at Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar. For this project, Van der Meer looks at the changing world of the Dutch cow. In the past three years, he visited dairy farmers and innovators throughout the Netherlands. His work reflects on the complexity of modern farming, animal welfare, hi-tech food production and its impact on the environment. In many of the photos the cow looks puzzled. Or is it that she’s questioning us? How will we be shaping the future in food production? And what will the role of the animals be in it?

The exhibition combines photography, video and texts in an installation curated by Paradox director Bas Vroege and designed by Kummer & Herrman.  The accompanying book Het moet anders/Time to Change is now available in the YdocStore (language: Dutch and English, price €34.50). Designed by Kummer & Herrman, the book includes 54 photographs by Hans van der Meer, accompanied by 27 columns linking the industry’s present to the past and future of dairy farming. The book also includes 10 videos by Van der Meer, which readers can access on their phone by scanning the QR codes.

Order the book Het moet anders/Time to Change here.

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