An important part of working at Paradox is to adapt to the changing world of documentary photography and to plan projects ahead. At the moment, we are developing exhibitions for 2018/2019. But once in a while it’s time to look back at the steps we made over the last year.

The total number of visitors of Paradox projects almost tripled over the last year: from 227,222 visitors in 2015 to 723,814 in 2016. Online visits to project websites were up by 34% (111,441), the 12% increase for the Paradox home site (51,558) was the result of the last 3 months only when the new website was launched.

The biggest jump however, came from online movies: from 139,727 views in 2015 to an incredible 290,452 in 2016, the latter being the result of the success of the movie 9 Days – From My Window in Aleppo.

But offline (exhibitions) fared well too: 121,238 people saw a Paradox solo exhibition or a full installation that was part of a group show or festival, 27,719 a smaller presentation that was part of a group show and 103,156 saw exhibitions Paradox had a coproduction share in. International group shows and solo exhibitions such as Poppy and Women We Have Not Lost Yet attracted ten thousands of visitors. Off the total of 253,513 (up from 86,445 in 2015) 62% took place abroad against 38% in the Netherlands. For online it was 81% international and 19% NL.

We would like to thank our partners worldwide for the many fruitful collaborations in 2016; without venues, we are producing for the shelf as we say here. Therefore, once again: thank you guys for programming our stuff, and thank you project sponsors and programme sponsors Adessium Foundation and Mondriaan Fund for enabling us to do so!

Header image: screening of 9 Days at Les Rencontres d’Arles, 2016