Hans van der Meer’s project about ‘the changing world’ of the Dutch cow, as he likes to put it, will be shown at PhotoIreland in Dublin from July 5 to August 2 at Rathfarnham Castle, the main location of the festival.In Time to Change Van der Meer is looking at and thinking about cows and consequently dairy farming, animal welfare, hi-tech food production and its impact on the environment. Van der Meer’s pictures are the trigger for a series of observations highlighting the complexity of modern farming. In addition, he asked farmers and innovators the question how to continue and in which direction.

PhotoIreland is to run a billboard campaign in the streets of the Irish capital with cows gazing at the viewer, questioning their attitude with regard to animal welfare. A QR code will bring the visitor to an online, Slices-based, narrative providing background information. Hans van der Meer will also participate in a debate.

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