Studio Aleppo [Helsinki] won the award for ‘Production of the year’ at the Art and Culture Professionals’ Trade Union TAKU. TAKU wants to highlight the makers that create new meanings and interesting content on the field of art and culture in Finland. Congratulations to producer Ceyda Berk-Söderblom, the National Museum of Finland and their team!

Jury report:

The production of the year aimed to change the image of refugees and migrant people among the society in a positive way by using the transformative power of arts. It was hosted by National Museum of Finland: a perfect platform to discuss questions like nationality, the relation between story and history, the relation between history and nationality and so on.


About the jury

A jury of professionals gathered to evaluate the proposals that were sent anonymously to TAKU and the board made their decision collectively by evaluating different factors. The head of jury, Mari Lankinen works as an Artist Manager at Fazer Artists’ Management Inc. and is also the chairperson of the TAKU Board. Other members in the jury were Riina Kotilainen, cultural producer and Executive Director of the Turku Artists’ Society and Executive Producer of Oulu Music Video Festival and a longtime event organizer and DJ Juhani Oivo.

Studio Aleppo [Europe]

Studio Aleppo [Helsinki] is part of the international project Studio Aleppo [Europe], developed by Paradox and photographer Issa Touma. By organizing the project in different European cities, we want to keep contributing to a positive change in the perception of refugees.

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