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Now You See Me Moria – ACTION BOOK

Contribute to change in EU migration policy

Since February we have regularly expressed our support for Now You See Me Moria. Now, the collective is crowdfunding to realise its ACTION BOOK including the posters created for the Love for Moria campaign and more. A publication in which the pages can be turned into exhibitions for a wide range of venues: from art museums to cultural centres or public space.

The design and structure of the Now You See Me Moria – ACTION BOOK emphasises sharing rather than keeping, inviting everyone to become a messenger. It is a ready-made object of protest. Let the book also be your tool to contribute to immediate action!

To print the action book / exhibition kit your help is needed. The goal is to raise €20,000. With this amount, 1000 copies of the action book can be printed and shipped to individuals and organisations across Europe. All contributions will be used to cover the production and distribution costs of the book: printing, binding as well as shipping and handling. The latter being almost as expensive as the technical costs. The estimated shipping costs for a single copy of the 2.3 kg book within the EU can vary between €7 and €25. Yet, all EU orders will be treated equally, providing the same level of access to all living in the EU.

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The book as an expression of collaborative action and solidarity 

Printed in rotation offset on newspaper stock, the large format, robust book will be made available in two versions: bound and unbound. The book content doubles as an exhibition kit, encouraging individuals and organisations to create pop-up exhibitions in dedicated gallery spaces, in the streets or in schools. Featuring the 460 posters of the Love for Moria campaign, interspersed with 16 large size photographs by Amir, Qutaeba, Ali and Mustafa the action book offers a first hand, unmediated account documenting the conditions in the camp. It also demonstrates the scope and impact of the collectively initiated campaign.

Accompanied by the Now You See Me Moria manifesto and introductory text, the book is ready to be displayed anywhere and everywhere. Use the bound version as a tool to spread the message to your friends and family, offer it to the local library as well media, the mayor of your city or other politicians. Always make sure you document these acts and share them on social media!

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Be inspired to create your own outdoor display!

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Paradox (as the publisher) and the creatives working on the action book receive no financial compensation for their work; we all contribute on a voluntary basis. All financial transactions will be accounted for and published on the Now You See Me Moria website. A potential positive result for the Now You See Me Moria – ACTION BOOK will be handed over to the community in Moria.

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A single exhibition kit or action book includes:

A single exhibition kit or action book includes:

460 posters

16 photographs

Introductory text

Now You See Me Moria manifesto

Amir, Qutaeba, Ali, Mustafa's words

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