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Paradox Newsletter Summer 2024

GIGA: Right Wing Codes Glossary and Workshops

Our new touring exhibition GIGA featuring the activist work of Jakob Ganslmeier and Ana Zibelnik was up at venue and co-producer, Foam in Amsterdam until June 9. The show, curated by Mirjam Kooiman and designed by Nordin Janssen, was accompanied by two workshops led by the artists. Aim: making the audience aware of the coded language and visual vocabulary of online right wing extremism.
The exhibition is now available for touring. Workshops, which can be booked as part of the package, can also be organised independently as has been done already by Bärenzwinger (Berlin) and Deichtorhallen (Hamburg). For dates see column on the right.

Want to know more? Have a look at the online Gigapedia designed by Hamid Sallali that Foam generously made possible. It contributed to the visibility of the work on show and more importantly: to the worrisome political shifts happening across Europe and how this movement is fuelled among new generations. Crucial to understand the type of (visual) language used on the internet, what style of communication is used by various online communities to address radical topics, opinions or statements in often disguised or propagandistic ways – making the wide variety of codes and symbols hard to read for an outsider.


Farewell to Bertien van Manen

On May 26th Dutch photographer Bertien van Manen died at the age of 89. Innovator of documentary, feminist, traveler, adventuress. In recent years she has been as active as ever and admirably. With major retrospective exhibitions in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (2019) and in FOMU Antwerp (2022), with the publication of her overview book Archive (2021) and the exhibition including the publication Gluckauf in Schunck, Heerlen (2023), the town of her birth.
The cover of Archive shows a self-portrait from 1981: a young Bertien with a wild haircut, tough attitude, challenging look, rolled-up sleeves, no bra, an SLR camera in front of her stomach: the personification of the militant woman of those years. She usually focused her camera on others, on ordinary people, on everyday life. She took her best-known photos in the 1990s on her countless trips to the former Soviet Union and later to China. All shot with simple 35mm point and shoot cameras. Not standing out as a photographer, capturing life as directly as possible. No longer in classic reportage black and white, but in colour. Her best work was in line with the photos she took as a young mother of her children and their friends during holidays: spontaneous, intimate with a natural sense of pose and form.
Her mid-career retrospective dates back to 1997 for the Institut Néerlandais in Paris and was curated by Paradox director Bas Vroege. The show included Hundred Summers, Hundred Winters. In 2001 we launched East Wind, West Wind with her at the Nederlands Foto Instituut in Rotterdam. Both shows travelled to multiple venues in Europe, Canada and the US.
Mid March she sent a heartbreaking video message from her sickbed to the Paradox authors gathered in the former Edam office, leaving us all in silence. So long Bertien, thank you for what you did and who you were, we miss you dearly.

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Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam acquires Now You See Me Moria

In January 2021 the Moria collective launched a call to action to increase public awareness regarding the situation in the Moria camp on the island of Lesbos (GR). The camp had been designed to accommodate 3000 people yet housed up 20,000 at its peak during the summer of 2020.

Designers from around the globe were invited to create posters based on the photographs taken by refugees in the camps (the press had no longer access). The response was overwhelming: more than 400 graphic designers responded to the Love for Moria call for human rights. The posters were made available through the Now You See Me Moria website, encouraging people to download and print them, to hang in their windows, on balconies, at schools, universities, cultural institutions, and in the streets. They were also used in demonstrations in front of governmental and EU buildings in major European cities on Valentine’s day, February 14.

Later in 2021 Paradox joined forces with the collective and published Now You See Me Moria, the Action Book holding 449 posters by designers across the globe, all based on pictures taken by refugees in the Lesbos based camp. The content of the book was also made available in an unbound version, the Action Kit, which can be used as a ready-made exhibition.

The book and kit (designed by Raoul Gottschling and Christian Knöpfel) received major design awards. But more importantly: the publications and campaign resulted in more than 65 exhibitions in various types of venues, ranging from grassroots social-cultural centres to major art museums. Among them: the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam which in 2024 decided to acquire two sets of the Action Book and Kit for its collection.

A selection of the work is now on display as part of the permanent collection of the Stedelijk in the exhibition Tomorrow is a Different Day (Collection 1980-Now). Open until mid 2025.

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X @ Rencontres d'Arles

X @ Rencontres d'Arles
2-6 July 2024

Paradox director Bas Vroege as well as artists Ana Zibelnik and Jakob Ganslmeier will be in Arles during the opening week. Do not hesitate to contact us at

mail us!

GIGA workshop @ Bärenzwinger, Berlin

GIGA workshop @ Bärenzwinger, Berlin
18 Jun 2024

Jakob Ganslmeier and Ana Zibelnik delve into the dangerous and intricate landscape of online radicalisation, and explain the most commonly found terms and concepts within these communities in interaction with the audience.

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GIGA talk / workshop @ Deichtorhallen Hamburg

GIGA talk / workshop @ Deichtorhallen Hamburg
Fall 2024

On a daily basis, memes, terms and catchphrases emerge from the depths of online forums to be repeatedly shared via social media platforms.
Workshop and artist talk. Topic: see article above and top.

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Now You See Me Moria - Action Book

28,9x39,7 cm / 512 pp / 449 posters, 16 photographs / rotation offset on newspaper stock / English / Swiss binding / net return donated to refugees / €50 (incl EU shipping)
Also available as (unbound) Action Kit

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