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Newsletter March

Notes from Aleppo nominated for Interactive of the Year at World Press Photo 2019

We are proud to announce that our production Notes from Aleppo has been awarded one of three prizes for Digital Storytelling at this year’s World Press Photo Contest, and has received a nomination for the new headline award Interactive of the Year. The winners will be announced during the award ceremony on 11 April in Amsterdam.

The World Press Photo Interactive of the Year award celebrates a production that creates engaging interactive storytelling through skillful editing and design. But it should also show effective synergy of form and content, and deal with a pressing issue.

Zahra Rasool (chair of the jury, head of Contrast VR – Al Jazeera, India) on Notes from Aleppo: “This story is very impactful and so touching. There is no lack of stories from or about Syria and Syrians, but this is from a new angle. We need to keep talking about these important issues and in order to keep the audience listening, we need to find new ways to tell the story. Notes from Aleppo has that new way and is very effective through the way it connects to the viewer and is so deeply personal.”

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Vorkuta - Imprisoned in the far north

Today, exactly 66 years after Stalin died (on 5 March 1953), the people of the town of Vorkuta still rely on the reindeers that supported them for centuries. The mines where the prisoners of this former Gulag were forced to work are slowly closing down. Nobody seems too worried about this: “Our animals provide us with everything we need. We’re independent”.

Vorkuta is the third episode of Suppressed By The Saviour, the series of online visual stories in Dutch, English and Russian which is part of Hester den Boer’s extensive investigation into the Stalinist heritage in Russia today. The exhibition of her photographic work at Melkweg Expo is over, but you can still buy her non-fiction book Onderdrukt door de verlosser at the website of Atlas Contact (in Dutch only).

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Save the Date: Welkom Today at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

In the early 1990s Dutch photographer Ad van Denderen and writer Margalith Kleijwegt travelled to Welkom, a small mining town in South Africa, to document the last days of apartheid. An email by South African photographer Lebohang Tlali, 25 years later, was the start of the multi-vocal project Welkom Today. The exhibition in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, which opens on 18 May 2019, brings together not only the works of these two photographers, but also that of young workshop participants, archival images and vernacular photography.

The project also consists of an exhibition at CBK Zuidoost in Amsterdam and the publication Welkom Today, published by Atlas Contact (Dutch edition) and Kehrer Verlag (English edition).

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Cinema Stadsleven and Shell Shock at EYE

Cinema Stadsleven and Shell Shock at EYE
30 April 2019, 19:15

Issa Touma will talk about Notes from Aleppo on the talkshow Cinema Stadsleven, hosted by Tracy Metz at EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam. The Shell Shock film programme afterwards will be dedicated to Issa Touma entirely. Both 9 Days – From My Window in Aleppo and Greetings from Aleppo will be screened, as well as material from Notes from Aleppo.

More than 4.5 million people saw 9 Days online, but this is a unique occasion to see the 2017 winner of a European Film Award on a large screen.

EYE will be hosting a pop-up exhibition related to past and upcoming stories from Notes from Aleppo, running from April 23 – May 21.

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 New episode Notes from Aleppo

Café of Girlfriends

The aftermath of the Syrian civil war has brought a new generation willing to speak up and free their minds. Majed was in love with many girls during that time, and keeps memories on all of them in his hand-made book.

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