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Call for human rights on Valentine’s Day

Join us in supporting Now You See Me Moria!

Visibility is key to invoking change. Moria is only one of the many disgraces of the failing European migration policy. Human rights are being violated on a daily basis. We need to change this urgently! More than 500 designers in Europe have created a poster based on the images shared by the refugees stuck in Moria. All posters are available for download by individuals (you!) and organisations on

Download the posters you like, and print as many as you can. Inform friends, make organisations join! Hang them wherever you can and rephotograph them. In lockdown? If we all do it: hanging one behind our own windows already makes for a lot of posters!

Living in Brussels, The Hague, Strasbourg, Luxembourg, Frankfurt or Lisbon? Make sure to hang posters close to the major EU institutions in your city! Join the campaign on February 14, Valentine’s day!

to the poster campaign

The story behind the campaign

Amir, a 21 year old Afghan refugee living in Camp Moria on Lesbos (Greece) and Noemi, a photo editor based in the Netherlands started collecting photos and sharing stories that document life in the camp. They started an Instagram account on 2nd August of 2020: @now_you_see_me_moria.
Qutaeba, a Syrian refugee and Ali, another Afghan man joined them later. It was an attempt to make people across Europe aware of the desperate situation. After the fire that destroyed Moria 1 in the night of September 8-9, visibility of the camp and its conditions has been reduced to almost zero: journalists and photographers are not allowed to the new camp while NGO workers are instructed to not take pictures. All the more reason for refugees to represent themselves. More than 20.000 people are following their Instagram account, the stories have been picked up by media worldwide.
By contributing to the campaign we contribute to putting pressure on ourselves as well as our politicians. Giving them the courage to put an end to the tragedy of Moria and make the necessary steps towards a more human migration policy in Europe.

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Download and Print

Download and Print
February 14 - Love for Moria

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, we call everybody – especially but not exclusively – people living in the European Union to show that we care!

Put up as many posters as you can, on your home window, across towns, at schools, universities, cultural institutions. Take a photo of the poster, add your location and tag the accounts:


And share it on your social media accounts.

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