Me We

The Circle of Life

Koos Breukel, Erwin Mortier, Hedy van Erp


hardcover24.6 x 31.5396 pp.English, Dutch
ISBN 97894913766412013

Me We is Koos Breukel’s magnum opus so far: a book and an exhibition bringing together pictures from the first 30 years of his career. With Me We Breukel tells a universal but highly personal life story. From birth and joy to sickness and death: Breukel shuns no aspects of life and treats them equally in this project that can be understood as an alternative, universal family photo album. Me We is Breukel’s ode to life. Breukel’s aim throughout his nearly 30 year long career has been to produce truthful portraits, approaching his subjects with an unprejudiced integrity. In Me We celebrities, family and friends are shown side by side. By telling the story of life, the book also gives a surprising insight into Breukels personal agenda and artistic development. Me We is a statement about life as well as a mid career retrospective of one of the greatest portrait photographers of our times.

  • Koos Breukel (b. 1962) currently lives and works in the Amsterdam, Netherlands. Breukel is Holland’s most prolific portrait photographer. His debut book The Wretched Skin (1994) is considered one of the best Dutch photo books of the 20th century. Many followed, as well as many portraits, among which the official state photos of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands. Breukel has had solo exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Finland) and at the Musée Européenne de la Photographie (Paris). His work can be found in the collections of the Stedelijk Museum, Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), Gemeentemuseum (The Hague), and the San Francisco MoMA.

    Erwin Mortier (b. 1965) is a Dutch-language Belgian author. Spending his youth in Hansbeke, he later moved to nearby Ghent, where he became city poet (2005–2006). He wrote as a columnist for newspapers like De Morgen and published several novels.

    Hedy Van Erp is a photo historian and writer. She has been curator at a host of leading institutions, including ICON and the Dutch National Portrait Gallery. She founded the first photo agency dedicated to art photography.

  • Editor(s):Koos Breukel, Sabine Verschueren
    Photography:Koos Breukel
    Design:Sabine Verschueren
  • Edition:1st
    Publisher(s):Ydoc / Paradox, Hannibal Publishing