A Photographic Record

Carel van Hees


softcover in transparent sleeve with audio CD22 x 32 cm288 pp.English, Dutch
ISBN 90718776042001/2014

“Powerlessness, vitality, love, aggression, expression… >Play is about what it is like to be young, anywhere and in all eras. For three years the Rotterdam photographer Carel van Hees turned his camera on the youth of Rotterdam. He focused on their character, their aura and energy. His intense black and white photography is rooted in the strong Dutch documentary tradition of human interest photography. In >Play Van Hees fulfilled his long-cherished wish to combine photography with other media. For example, starting from Van Hees’s images and the characters in them, programme producer Ingrid Smits made a series of broadcasts for Radio Rijnmond. The interviews were combined by audio artist Leo Anemaet with a large number of sounds Van Hees collected, such as the thud of pile-drivers, passing trams and the ubiquitous mobile telephones. These urban noises were supplemented with rap and music made for >Play by a group that came together especially for the project, comprised of scratcher Mike Redman, sampler Budy Mokoginta and trumpeter Eric Vloeimans. The audio was recorded on a cd which is an inseparable component of the 288 page book. Only the cover of this book has text material; inside only the track numbers that refer to the cd are to be found. Communications agency KesselsKramer was responsible for the design of the book. The project website can be found at http://www.play-record.nl.”

  • Carel van Hees (1954) has been working as documentary photographer in assignment for advertising agencies, companies, municipal institutions and for a range of weekly and monthly magazines such as Vrij Nederland and NRC M Magazine. Next to these assignments he concentrates on his own projects. Some of his most renowned projects and books include Saxman, Play, Cross Fade, 2KM2, and Cor Eversteijn.


  • Editor(s):Carel van Hees, Bas Vroege
    Photography:Carel van Hees
  • Printing:Veenman Drukkers
    Publisher(s):Paradox, Voetnoot Publishers
  • Project coordination: Maartje van den Heuvel

  • http://www.play-record.nl/