Welkom Today (ENG)

Revisiting South Africa

Ad van Denderen, Lebohang Tlali, Margalith Kleijwegt


softcover with flaps17 x 24 cm304 pp.Dutch | English
ISBN 97890828708242019

Welkom Today is characterized by a multitude of voices, perspectives and image sources. The book narrates the story of Welkom and Thabong’s communities, against the backdrop of South Africa’s socio-political history and current reality. Another thread is the critical assessment made by Lebohang Tlali and the artistic development of Ad van Denderen, which signals a fundamental change in documentary photography: instead of speaking about or on behalf of a subject, more and more contemporary photographers focus on speaking with the community they portray. To bring about these different layers and meanings of the project, the book includes eight chapters about young inhabitants and their families (written by Margalith Kleijwegt) and seven thematic chapters. These two types of chapters will be visually distinct. Each type offers a different reading and feel.


  • Ad van Denderen (1943) has worked as a photographer for Vrij Nederland, Stern, NRC Handelsblad, GEO and The Independent magazine, among others. He has received a number of prestigious prizes for his work, including the Visa d’Or at the international photo festival Visa pour l’Image in Perpignan in 2001 and The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts’ (Fonds BKVB) oeuvre prize in 2007/2008. Go No Go, his book on migration in Europe, based on 13 years of work, was published by Actes Sud, Mets & Schilt, Lunwerg Editores, Edition Braus and Paradox in 2003. For the 2008 SteidlMack/Paradox publication So Blue So Blue, Van Denderen photographed the 17 countries around the Mediterranean Sea. Earlier publications include Peace in The Holy Land, a book about Palestine (1997) andWelkom in Suid-Afrika, about apartheid (1991). Ad van Denderen is a member of VU agency, Paris.

    Lebohang Tlali (1978) is a photographer and cultural entrepreneur born in Welkom. After his Fine Art studies at the Michaelis School of Art (University of Cape Town) he worked as a freelance photographer and gained experience as a project manager for art galleries such as Stevenson, Park West and cultural non-profits among which Cape Africa Platform and VANSA (Visual Arts Network of South Africa). While growing up during apartheid in the township of Thabong, Tlali developed a strong appreciation for the value of education. It inspired him to become a graduate from Kaospilots, an alternative business school that specialises in value based entrepreneurship and creative social innovation in Switzerland. His projects focus on youth empowerment and use of photography as a tool to make a positive impact on the community and their environment.

    Margalith Kleijwegt (1951) is a Dutch independent publicist. She became well known for her socially relevant articles in the weekly Vrij Nederland en De Groene Amsterdammer. Her first book, Invisible parents, parents, the neighbourhood of Mohammed B, about the lives and dilemmas of students and their parents at a multi-cultural school in Amsterdam, became a bestseller. In 2015 she published 2 worlds, 2 realities, a report about polarization in the class room. The report had a great impact: the House of Representatives organized a special hearing to discuss the findings of Kleijwegt.

  • Editor(s):Bas Vroege, Ad van Denderen, Anne Ruygt
    Text(s):Lebohang Tlali, Ad van Denderen
    Picture editor(s):Bas Vroege, Ad van Denderen, Anne Ruygt
    Photography:Ad van Denderen, Lebohang Tlali, Others
    Design:Jeremy Jansen
  • Edition:1st
    Publisher(s):Paradox, Kehrer