In 1697 the Russian czar Peter the Great, 25 years old at the time, visited The Netherlands. He worked at a number of shipyards in and around Amsterdam in order to learn about modern shipbuilding. In 2007, Khoroshilova tried to retrieve the atmosphere and working conditions the czar must have experienced. She portrayed the people working at five historic shipyards, as well as the tools and machinery with which they work.

The book contains links to on-line audio files of interviews with a number of people working at these – almost without exception – family run businesses. With her projects, thus far realized in the Russian Federation, Germany and Holland, Khoroshilova evinces a genuine interest in history and the people’s relation to their own environment. The work of Anastasia Khoroshilova can be found in various important collections such as the Department of Special Collections, University Library Leiden.


Anatasia Khoroshilova was born in Moscow in 1978. She studied photography at the University of Duisburg-Essen (Folkwang School), Germany with Prof. Joerg Sasse from 1999-2004. Since  2007 she lives and works in Berlin and Moscow.

Among the books published by Khoroshilova are: Russkie (EIKON/ÖIP, Vienna, 2008), The Narrow Circle (Contrasto, Rome, 2008), Five Stories (Paradox, Edam, 2007), Islanders 2003-2006 (Centro per l´arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato / Kunsthalle Lingen, 2006),Notes On The Way (The State Russian Museum / Ludwig Museum in Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, 2006) and Bezhin Meadow (Edit. Trefoil, 2005 Moscow).

Khoroshilova had numerous groups exhibitions as well as solo shows. In the framework of the IPRN project Changing Faces, she was invited in 2007 by the Master's in Photographic Studies of the University Leiden and Paradox to do a commission dealing with work.



© Anastasia Khoroshilova
© Anastasia Khoroshilova
© Anastasia Khoroshilova



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Photography: Anastasia Khoroshilova
Editors: Bas Vroege, Aleksandra Kononiuk
Production: Aleksandra Kononiuk
Translation: Donald Mader
Design: Web Design and Animations: Yvo Zijlstra, Antenna-men, Rotterdam, NL
Printing: Veenman Drukkers, Rotterdam

  • Five Stories
    Anastasia Khoroshilova, Paradox, 2007.
    Texts by Anatasia Khoroshilova and Bas Vroege
    Design by Yvo Zijlstra/Anttena-men
    Pages: 64 pages
    Colour: colour
    Size: 11,5 x 13 cm
    ISBN 978-90-802655-7-8

    sold out

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