About Paradox

Paradox is a not for profit organisation founded in 1993. We develop projects around contemporary issues with documentary authors: photographers, filmmakers, visual artists, writers and researchers.

Paradox has developed more than 50 distinctive activities, travelling to some 120 venues worldwide. Paradox was founded with the aim of stimulating the development in photography. To reach this, Paradox produces travelling exhibitions, organises symposia and publishes audiovisual, digital and printed publications. The recording of history as it is unfolding, and the interaction between social, economic and technical factors, with the changes in society which flow from these changes, are recurring aspects in both our thematic and monographic projects.

Within our projects we experiment explicitly with multimedia forms of presentation, and the interaction between different disciplines (photography, film, audio, writing) as well as platforms (exhibitions, websites, books, DVDs, tablet apps and educational programmes). Our main goal is to reach a wide audience without losing the nuances that the addressed social issues require.

This is the main reason behind our multiplatform strategy: one reaches a different audience with a diversity of platforms. But the synergy between different media as well as platforms also creates new experiences for an audience, raising questions in unexpected ways. Furthermore it challenges the notions and conventions around the presentation of (photographic) material leading to experiments mixing of old and new technology, media and platforms.

Paradox does not programme its own exhibition space but collaborates with venues in the Netherlands and abroad.