Van der Salm does not call the exhibition a retrospective, no, he is looking ahead. This certainly applies to the hypnotising video wall he has created with data designers from the RNDR agency, the AI lab of the University of Amsterdam and with music by composer Henry Vega’ wrote NRC Handelsblad critic Tracy Metz. She concludes her July 27 article with: ‘Do not expect to have a coherent impression of the oeuvre of Frank van der Salm after visiting the exhibition. One needs to go there three times to see (only) 38 of the 241 photo works in the first place (…). But it certainly is a portrait of how Van der Salm thinks and how he stretches the boundaries of photography.’ For Metropolis M, Sanneke Huisman noted: ‘Every expression of Van der Salm reflects on the medium used. Just as the photos are about photography, the publication NOWHERE – Imagining The Global City explores how images can be represented in a book and the exhibition itself reflects on the practice of exhibiting.’

Make sure to go check out NOWHERE_Take3 that went up at the Nederlands Fotomuseum on September 7 and that will be on view until October 3.

In the second half of September, concurrent with NOWHERE_Take3, the Nederlands Fotomuseum and Paradox will be hosting a series of (online) talks focussing on the background of the exhibition, visual culture and architecture.

Expect a conversation with Boyd Rotgans (data design studio RNDR) and AI-scientist Gjorgji Strezoski (PhD University of Amsterdam) about their work on the video wall, architect and researcher Jana Culek and Elma van Boxel (co-founder will discuss the influence of the representation of architecture on social media on the development of architectural projects. Finally, book designer Irma Boom will elaborate on her role within the project in conversation with curator Bas Vroege. Frank Van der Salm joins the conversation, moderated by Fatima Mzallassi.

The role of artificial intelligence in music and visual culture as well as ethical issues regarding AI will be addressed in a series of events in collaboration with TU Delft in October/November.

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