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Paradox Newsletter November 2018

Exhibition Mutualities at Royal Academy of Arts

Ebifananyi, Resurrections (work in progress), 2018

In Luganda, the widest spoken minority language in Uganda, the word for photograph is ebifananyi. The term means ‘likenesses’, and can relate to drawings and paintings as well as to photographs. Ebifananyi are things that look like something else.

Photographer/researcher Andrea Stultiens embarked on a long-term research project about this particular conceptualisation of photographs, that seems so unfamiliar from a Western perspective. Working with collections of photographs in Uganda, Stultiens focused on the capacity of photographs as ‘encounters’, in the words of theorist Ariella Azoulay: ” the site where a camera, a camera operator and a photographed reality meet”, and where meaning is created in interaction with the audience watching the images.

Through a series of exhibitions in Uganda and Europe, and eight publications co-published by Paradox and History in Progress Uganda (HIPUganda), Stultiens investigated the differences between ebifananyi/photographs and the historical and cultural context of their creation and use. Through ‘correspondence’, a term borrowed from anthropologist Tim Ingold, different actors – photographs, image makers and audience – embarked on a shared path and engaged with each other’s positions.

The publications each activate a specific Ugandan photo collection through this process of dialogue and sharing of photographs, films and other likenesses. The complete series Ebifananyi I-VIII is for sale through YdocFoundation.

The exhibition Mutualities in the gallery of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague marks the occasion of Stultiens’ PhDArts dissertation on Ebifananyi and its relation to her method of research. In line with Stultiens’ hybrid practice, her defence will take place in two public moments: within the visual arts context of the exhibition at KABK and within the academic context of the University of Leiden.

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Notes from Aleppo - web app online now

Launch at Pakhuis De Zwijger

On the 22nd of October the web app Notes from Aleppo was launched in front of a full house, in the presence of photographer Issa Touma and accompanied by a lively discussion.

Notes from Aleppo is a collaboration between Paradox and photographer Issa Touma made on the storytelling platform Slices, which allows for an interactive integration between video, photography, audio and text. Every two weeks a new episode is published with personal stories about the inhabitants of Aleppo and their struggle to get their lives back on track and reconstruct their homes in the heavily damaged city, for which no foreign support can be expected shortly. Follow Touma checking out the condition of the legendary Hotel Baron and its inhabitants or meeting up with the Filippino housekeeper who stayed during the war.

We wish to congratulate the team for Notes from Aleppo: Issa Touma (photography, film, interviews), Thomas Vroege (image editing), Tan Tunali (co-editor texts) and Lys Romero (texts and project management). Notes from Aleppo was made possible with the support of the Mondriaan Fund, Creative Industries Fund NL and NL Film Fund.

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Greetings from Aleppo acquired by IMA, Paris

Our 2017 production Greetings from Aleppo, the precursor to Notes from Aleppo, has been acquired by the Institut du monde arabe in Paris.

Greetings from Aleppo (2017) shows how the inhabitants of Aleppo try to continue their lives while the war is still raging in their city. The 17 minute movie was a collaboration between Issa Touma and Dutch filmmakers Thomas Vroege and Fleur van der Meulen.

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Exhibition Mutualities

Exhibition <em>Mutualities</em>
8 Nov - 1 Dec 2018

Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 11.00-21.00, Friday 11.00-18.00, Saturday 11.00-16.00

Gallery Royal Academy of Art, Prinsessegracht 4, The Hague

image: Andrea Stultiens and Canon Griffin of HIPUganda

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PhD Defence Ebifananyi Andrea Stultiens

20 November 2018

12:00 Gallery Royal Academy of Art (KABK)

16:15 Senate Chamber of the Academy Building, Leiden University, Rapenburg 73, Leiden

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The complete Ebifananyi series, I-VIII

The complete <em>Ebifananyi series, I-VIII</em>
Complete set for €100 on YdocStore - limited time only!

Design: Andrea Stultiens, Marloes de Laat. Photography: Andrea Stultiens. Text: Andrea Stultiens. Date: 2014-2017. English, soft cover, pages: 252-265, size: 143x122x22 mm each.
Publisher: Paradox
Co-Publisher: HIPUganda

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Greetings from Aleppo at IMA, Paris, until 10 February 2019

Koen Wessing - The Indelible Image at Jeu de Paume, Tours, 17 November - 12 May 2019