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Friendly Reminder:
Invite BITTER Chocolate Stories

Exhibition preview at Tropenmuseum Amsterdam

Paradox, Tropenmuseum and Tony’s Chocolonely cordially invite you to the exclusive preview of the exhibition BITTER Chocolate Stories on Wednesday 19th September 2018, from 5 to 7 pm.

BITTER Chocolate Stories shows ‘the other side’ of the international chocolate industry. The exhibition at the Tropenmuseum is a collaboration between photographer Joana Choumali, journalist Marijn Heemskerk, Madame Bernadette Ouédraogo president of GRADE-FRB, Tony’s Chocolonely and Paradox.

Speakers: Stijn Schoonderwoerd (managing director of NMVW, museum for world cultures), John Sijmonsbergen (head of strategy and innovation NMVW), Pascal van Ham (head of communications, Tony’s Chocolonely) and Bas Vroege (director of Paradox).

BITTER Chocolate Stories is the first project in the mission partnership between Tony’s Chocolonely and NMVW.

Please RSVP to the Tropenmuseum at

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About the project

We associate chocolate with celebration, comfort, romance. But do we ever associate it with the farmers, and often children, who literally make the product possible? West Africa produces almost three quarters of the world’s cocoa, 70% of which is consumed in Europe and North America. More than 2 million child labourers work on cocoa plantations in Ghana and the Ivory Coast alone. Who are these children and why do they do this work?

BITTER Chocolate Stories sheds light on these questions. Combining portraits (by Joana Choumali) of 15 former child labourers and interviews (by Marijn Heemskerk) with the children and other actors in the industry, the project provides an insight into the complexities of a product many of us take for granted.

The book, exhibition and outdoor campaign are designed by Kummer & Herrman and won an award from the Dutch association of art directors, ADCN. The installation will be on show at the Tropenmuseum until early next year and will thereafter travel to the Afrika Museum in Berg en Dal.

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Location: Tropenmuseum, Mauritskade 64, Amsterdam

5 – 5.15 PM: Welcome in Museum Cafe De Tropen
5.15 – 6 PM: Preview BITTER Chocolate Stories in the Tropenmuseum
6 - 7 PM: Drinks in Museum Cafe De Tropen


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