Daya Cahen

Daya Cahen (NL/ USA) was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where she studied photography at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (2002-2006). She makes photographs, videos, video and audio installations and since recently small paintings. The mainthemes of her work are propaganda, indoctrination and the manipulation of mass media.

Having two parents who survived WOII as jewish children, Daya Cahen grew up with the notion that the world can change on you in a day and you never know at which end of the line you will end up. A society can turn against any group of people. Investigating how these developments of indoctrination, radicalization and fear of otherness can arise within society as well as the mass psychology that goes with it, form the starting point for all of Cahen’s work. The role of the individual within the masses plays an important part in her work.