Heidi Vogels

Heidi Vogels (b. 1978) studied Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

In her work and projects she applies photography, film and other forms of research by seeking to redefine our outlook on our day-to-day reality and surroundings. By engaging in projects within a certain place or context for a longer period of time (sometimes years), she constructs an intimate ‘world’ of relations between thought, encounters and situations. Rooted in a solid conceptual basis, her work consist of multi-layered stories that take different form according to each place, context and audience that often develop in collaborations in the related domains of cinema and theory. Currently she is working in the final stages of the documentary film GARDENSOFFEZ and pursues further steps in her research to open up the garden as a productive concept.

Over the years Vogels developed research based projects in Berlin (Traumgarten), Barcelona (Borrowed View series), Terrassa (Wall, Ceiling, Blanket, Dress, Rehearsal), Seoul (Narrating Melancholy), in the Netherlands (Garden Perspectives, Folding Landscapes) and in Morocco (GARDENSOFFEZ). Recently she co-directed and developed Cracking The Frame Presents, a program of screenings, talks and events investigating the connections between documentary film and visual arts.