Tiago Rosado

Project manager

Tiago Rosado (1978) graduated in Architecture at Lusíada Universty in Portugal and did a post graduation in Medieval Studies at FLUP, Portugal. Afterwords he worked as an architect, industrial designer (URBconcept) and 3D visual artist until 2010. Since then he moved to the Amsterdam and founded AWAREmedia, a company responsible for several works in promotional videos (BADSEEDfilms), photography works, as well as hosting since 2012 the Urban Photo Race Amsterdam. Tiago has been involved on other projects such as the Labfolio project – a digital photo sales platform for photographers and the Awaremag – a digital magazine for the iPad targeted at emerging photojournalism providing documentary works by local authors.Since 2014 Tiago has been collaborating with several NGO’s in SE Asia doing mostly documental photography.